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Employee’s File

The church should maintain a file for each employee of the church. This file should include the following forms or reports, most of which are described in other areas of this manual:


1. Employment application and/or resume or call document.

2. Employer payroll authorization form. (See Exhibit 7-F.)

3. Copy of Concordia Plan Services enrollment form.

4. Form W-4.

5. Form I-9 (keep separate from employee’s file).

6. Forms required by the state.

7. Copy of applicable insurance enrollment forms, such as HMO, dental and vision plans.

8. Copy of statement to employee that no unemployment insurance is available if applicable. (See 12.400.)

9. Employee signed authorization for any payroll adjustment.

10. Federal or state levy (if exists).


The employee’s file should be retained permanently. The contents are considered confidential. Access to this file should be limited to the employee’s direct supervisor(s) and/or those involved in retention of him or her.


If the church has an employee evaluation, the evaluation also should be included in this file. However, as there are federal and state laws regarding these evaluations, it is recommended the church receive legal counsel for maintaining these evaluations.


Since Forms I-9 must be available for inspection upon an audit, it is advisable to keep these forms separate from the employee’s personnel file.



Minister of the Gospel


Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate


Disposal Rule


Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification


Form I-9

Payroll Authorization Form


Payroll Check


Payroll Records


Overtime Pay


Minimum Wage


Labor Law Posters